vrijdag 12 juni 2009

Succesfull DotNed (.NET & VSTS UG NL) VSTS meeting of 11-6-2009!

DotNed(.NET & VSTS UG NL) hosted a meeting yesterday 11-6-2009 at Microsoft Innovation Center Barneveld, NL about "How you organize your projects using the new cool futures of VSTS2010" by Ewald Hofman from Avanade NL . It was a great entertainement with 14 people and good interaction. A chalk & Talk session about VSTS2010/TFS2010 will follow soon by Hassan Fadili (MVP Team System).
If you are missing this session and you are interesting in VSTS2010/TFS2010 stuf, just attend my session about "A Lap Around VSTS2010" during the SDE Event of 26-06-2009 at Hotel Houten, NL. See the event agenda for more details at SDN Site.

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