maandag 23 november 2009

DotNed Event 26-11-2009: VS2010 ALM Session

Just 3 days to go, then is it time for the DotNed(.NET&VSTS UG NL) meeting in Amsterdam. Macaw thanks in advance for the hosting of this meeting.
During this session, Ewald Hofman from Avanade NL and Hassan Fadili from Detrio Consultancy, will present the futures of the new VS2010 ALM product. The agenda of the event is:
- VS2010 Administration & Setup
- VS2010 Work Item Tracking
- VS2010 Build Management
- VS2010 Reporting
- VS2010 Test Management
- VS2010 Architect Edition (UML Integration)

This meeting begins at 18:00 by Macaw in Amsterdam.
If you are developing software and want to know how you can be more productive, this session is for you. Please register here first to attend this meeting, of course for free!!!.

dinsdag 10 november 2009

Day 2 of TechEd Europe 2009

Day 2 of TechEd Europe 2009 is an interesting day for me. To begin with a short interview for the MVP Video Blog with MVP Marketing Manager (Karen-Young), thanks for that. It was a great experience and very pleased to do.
Keeping in Touch with the ALM guys is great and supporting the Community is high ecxcited as well. At INETA booth the interest for Communities is growing up and that makes a lot of things good.

We are from and to the Community. Just keep in touch and enjoy us at INETA booth for all your questions/suggestions during TechEd Europe 2009.

Later today, the welcom reception will start at 18:30, then we will have some fun with all the TechEd attendees. After that we will enjoy a Community party at WaterGate Club in Berlin. It will be a pleasure.

By by for now and later.



TechEd Europe 2009 Keynote!

Better late then never. I was very disapointed about it. Just to give you some impression about the keynote yesterday. Too IT Pro!!!
As TechEd Europe is combined this year, the keynote was IT Pro based. A lot of IT Pro stuff and Announcing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 was the only new thing I can say. The focus was on Windows7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft ForeFront and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010). Maybe because PDC will start next week in Los Angeles, but we will see what the Keynote of the PDC will cover!.

But the community feeling is so good and very intersting to be here from that perspective. Community feeling = Sharing Experiences.

Cheers from Berlin.


maandag 9 november 2009

TechEd Europe 2009, getting started!

TechEd Europe 2009 is getting started and very excited to be here again. The weather is not so much good, but being here is Great.
Today is starting with sessions and the "Keynote" will start at 15:00.
It is nice to meet al the community guys (INETA)from other countries and work together to get the community feeling envolved.

I will keep you informed about the TechEd news after the Keynote.



donderdag 5 november 2009

Writing Custom Activities for TFS Build 2010 (Beta 1) & Implementing a WIX installer that calls the GDR version of VSDBCMD.EXE

For those who are doing a lot of Build stuff and needs to create own Custom Activites fot TFS Build 2010-Beta1, zie the link for a good explanation of How to? Thanks to: Aaron Hallberg.

And if you are doing some DB deployment with other tools, then is Wix maybe very helpful for you. More information can be found on the following blog of: Duke Kamstra at: