donderdag 29 oktober 2009

Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2& .NET FX4 Beta 2, Available (Public)

A new target is reached by Announcing Visual Studio 2010 and .NET FX 4 Beta 2 and Windows 7 OS by Microsoft on Monday october 19-2009.

To simplify the search load for the new Visual Studio 2010 & .NET FX4 Beat2 stuff, see the links bellow for more information:

Download Links:

Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2 (ISO)
Team Explorer 2010 Beta 2 (ISO)
Compatibility Patch for Team Explorer 2008

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Enabling New ALM Features for Visual Studio Team System 2010 Beta 2 in Upgraded Team Projects
Compatibility Notes for TFS and Visual Studio 2010, 2008 and 2005 versions

Have fun with this great new bits and up to next release. Congrats to the product teams.

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