dinsdag 30 november 2010

VS ALM Rangers shipped new release for WCF Load Test tool‏!

VS ALM Rangers shipped new release for WCF Load Test tool.
This tool takes a WCF trace file and a WCF client proxy or a WCF interface contract, and generates a C# unit test that replays the same sequence of calls found in the trace file. The unit test can then be used to load-test the target WCF services.

The following is a list of new features and improvements:

1- Provides support for DataSets
2- Delivers support for duplex contracts
3- Can handle ASMX services, even without a WCF client, which comes from the capability to process Fiddler2 traces
4- Automatically filters out NullMessage messages which can appear in service-side message logs
5- Verifies that the right kind of message log has been provided
6- Initializes out parameters in the stub methods so that generated code will always compile without modification
7- No longer locks the assemblies after the wizard has been used
8- Provides improved error reporting

For more Information and download, see:

Have fun with this great release. Any feedback is more than aperciated.

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