woensdag 6 april 2011

TFS2010 Build Management and Shared Dependencies

A very common question from people who are doing a lot of build stuff on daily basis inside projects for small and big organizations is: How to handle dependencies between projects/applications/team projects in TFS source control. A typical scenario is that you have a common library/framework tucked away nicely somewhere in TFS source control, and now you have some applications that, in some way, needs to reference this project.

For the users of TFS 2008, we have the great tool called: TFS Dependency Replicator from Codeplex Open Source Community site. Unfortunately this tool is not yet ready for TFS 2010 users.

Another alternative for the same goal to get the same results, is to use another tool for Extended Dependency Management with Team Foundation Server. My VS ALM MVP collegue Sven Hubert have build a great tool to simplify this goal. More information about Extended Dependency Management with TFS2010 can be found at: Sven's Blog.

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