dinsdag 28 februari 2012

MVP Summit 2012 - MVP2MVP Day sessions Summary Links

First of all, Thanks to Neno Loje, Ed Blankenship and Charles Sterling for taking charge of this day.
Today started with a warm welcome from the organization, then many short sessions of 20 min are presented by many MVP's

based on job and daily experiences on VS ALM Stuff. NO breaks (Just 5 min between sessions to gap some refreshement)!

Below the list of some discused topics and links to sites/blogs for additional information to be up to date.

- ALM Rangers: Build Customization Guidance:

- ALM Rangers: Automating the Build-deploy-test Process with VS11 Lab Management:

- Managing Dependencies with AIT Tools and how it compares to NuGet:

- Using Kinect to control TFS Build Monitors:


Telemetry and Automated Error Reporting:


- Managing Test Artifacts when going to the next Release:
- Git-TFS:http://www.richard-banks.org/

- Team Companion and Dev11:

- Lab Management for VMWare:http://vmwarelab.codeplex.com/ (coming soon on CodePlex)

- TFS Event Workflows

This was a great day with a lot of FUN and very important content. Up to Product Team Sessions next days.

Stay tuned....


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