dinsdag 10 november 2009

Day 2 of TechEd Europe 2009

Day 2 of TechEd Europe 2009 is an interesting day for me. To begin with a short interview for the MVP Video Blog with MVP Marketing Manager (Karen-Young), thanks for that. It was a great experience and very pleased to do.
Keeping in Touch with the ALM guys is great and supporting the Community is high ecxcited as well. At INETA booth the interest for Communities is growing up and that makes a lot of things good.

We are from and to the Community. Just keep in touch and enjoy us at INETA booth for all your questions/suggestions during TechEd Europe 2009.

Later today, the welcom reception will start at 18:30, then we will have some fun with all the TechEd attendees. After that we will enjoy a Community party at WaterGate Club in Berlin. It will be a pleasure.

By by for now and later.



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