maandag 23 november 2009

DotNed Event 26-11-2009: VS2010 ALM Session

Just 3 days to go, then is it time for the DotNed(.NET&VSTS UG NL) meeting in Amsterdam. Macaw thanks in advance for the hosting of this meeting.
During this session, Ewald Hofman from Avanade NL and Hassan Fadili from Detrio Consultancy, will present the futures of the new VS2010 ALM product. The agenda of the event is:
- VS2010 Administration & Setup
- VS2010 Work Item Tracking
- VS2010 Build Management
- VS2010 Reporting
- VS2010 Test Management
- VS2010 Architect Edition (UML Integration)

This meeting begins at 18:00 by Macaw in Amsterdam.
If you are developing software and want to know how you can be more productive, this session is for you. Please register here first to attend this meeting, of course for free!!!.

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